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ASSMCA continúa desarrollando planes de trabajo para evitar suicidios

“If you feel that your problems have no solution, if you think your life is a nightmare or are you just going through a difficult time and you need someone let off steam and release those emotions that are affecting you, call 1-800-981 SBP Line -0023 where a group of professionals can give you that helping hand and promising to help you out of the abyss where you are “community today advised the administrator of the Mental Health Services and Addiction (ASSMCA) Luis A. Martinez Suarez.According to the doctor, every day people of all ages experience different feelings of sadness, emptiness, pessimism and pain due to human or material losses in his life, frail situations, loneliness, stress at work or home, etc. factors. In fact, some of them tend to think of suicide as an alternative to end the problems.When a man is suicidal usually begins to change their behavior and even some openly verbalize their intent to commit the act with the hope that someone else can help. “It is therefore very important that family and friends are attentive to warning signs like depression, anxiety, nervousness, sudden change in behavior, loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, self-destructive behavior, difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly and change in sleeping and eating habits, among others, “he said.For Martinez, is a high priority that we all do our bit to prevent further losing lives. “If we compare the statistics of last year with this, we can see that there has been a decline in reported cases of suicides. However, we must continue efforts and develop new strategies to keep those numbers down to zero suicides. “According to the doctor now has a plan ASSMCA intense that includes coordination and supervision of mental health services in the country, the development and strengthening of prevention programs, and interagency education, training professionals, technical advisory services to institutions, programs and services, collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Committee, as well as visits to schools and communities to provide educational workshops.”In addition, we recently launched the project ‘A new start … Join’! directed to bring fun and joy to families, while we educate and convey the message that even with the problems arising in the way of life, there will always be reasons to go forward and that suicide is not an option . This project began a week ago in Loiza and is projected to bring these activities to communities, universities, homes for battered women and children, senior centers, among other places, “the official said.On the other hand, ASSMCA, through the Assistant Directors of Prevention and Promotion of Mental Health has a plan of continuous, high-impact in schools, communities and work settings including workshops, recreational activities, including initiatives. In fact, recently began a project called Promotion of Life Campaign to educate, prevent and provide strategies to government employees on managing high-risk situations that could lead to suicide.”This initiative is to visit government agencies through the Employee Assistance Program to the rhythm of music and distributing literature on protective factors to maintain emotional health. Through this education campaign will be promoted amongst employees a policy of ‘good neighbor’ to overcome indifference to the problems of fellow, “said Martinez.Similarly, the PAS Line offers a range of services including educational workshops on suicide prevention to government agencies and non-governmental, community and different populations. It also distributes educational material about prevention, warning signs and how to seek help.”In the event that happens unfortunately suicide, PAS Line also offers postvention services. The purpose is to reduce the risk of suicidal behavior in survivors as well as prevent contagion and imitation of the behavior in the midst of their grief, and the emergence or exacerbation of psychiatric disorders. The main objectives of postvention are: Helping survivors in the grieving process, provide emotional support, crisis intervention make immediately in order to reduce emotional reactions to stressful and traumatic event has happened; identify and refer people who are in risk behavior as well as provide information about the signs of suicidal behavior, “concluded Dr. Martinez.

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