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How can I get more sick so i wont go to school tomorrow?

I already have like a cold or watever. i have a sore throat and was dizzy, and i HAVE to get more sick to not go 2 school tomorrow. I mean like fever sick or something. no questions on y i dont want to go to school tomorrow, and no telling me that i should just go. and i wont fake sick, im horrible at it.

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  1. Jessie M says:

    Well just put the thermometer under hot water, or run outside with no jacket on with your mouth open, LOL that’s just me.

  2. druxzul says:

    eat lots of foods tht dont go together and move around alot. . . should make u start vomiting.

  3. . says:

    Nothing short of ebola is going to make you actually show symptoms that soon, and I don’t think you want that.

  4. glamour8895 says:

    pretend to take your temperature but really you put the thermometer under really hot water. Or just tell your parents you are really sick with a cold and just leave it at that

  5. bigboy says:

    well you really should go to school but i think i can help you with the sickness ok first tell your mom or dad that you don’t feel well then start to couch alot and not the solf kind i mean the hard kind and then try sneeshing alot to and if you know some one who is sick alos then get near that one good luck

  6. Drachen says:

    Sometimes, asking a question will get you an answer you wont like. First of all, risking your own health for the sake of a few hours is pointless. If you feel that you do not want to go to class that day, just be honest with your parents and tell them you really don’t feel good.

    A more responsible answer would probably be, don’t be melodramatic, go to school, its your future no matter what excuse you create for not wanting to go.

    Buck-up kiddo.

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